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ALEX CHANCE - An Angel Made it to Porn...


Well, here we are, again, my faithful readers. First of all thank you so much for last week’s 1500+ visits to my site!! You guys are rocking and the way things are going, we’ll be at 10,000 soon. Thank you again!


Today we cross the ocean and go back to Los Angeles to review Alex Chance. Getting to learn more about her work was very exciting.


**This picture belongs to Alex Chance.


So, during the evaluation process of her work and attitude, in the Industry, I watched extracts of the following movies:


·         “Recession Sluts” (Scene 2)

o   This was my first porn encounter with Alex’s work. Impressions: great c*ck sucking skills, loved the stockings, made her look like a hot dirty girl. Extremely arousing to see her taking it doggy style and more when she jumped on the guy’s c*ck and started riding him, while playing with her clitoris. Great load in the end – creampie all over her tits.


·         “Gazongas 6” (Scene 4)

o   In this movie, Alex Chance appears in the last scene. Apparently, this DVD is quite new and it was released in 6/2012. Scenario is a living room with a brownish leather sofa. Once again, Alex Chance gets to suck a decent size white d*ck and gets to take it doggy style, again, but this time kudos for the addition of the ass fingering. Hot and Alex seemed to enjoy it very much, ecstatic moaning! After that heavy sweat sex, the scene ends with a stomach creampie. Pretty good ending to this feature.


·         “Cash for Chunkers 6” (Scene 3)

o   Definitely the best scene of this movie. No offense to the other porn stars, but Alex Chance is, without any kind of f*cking doubt the hottest woman on this project. The scene is very similar to “Ganzongas 6” – another sofa, but pretty much the same sex positions and another breast creampie like in “Recession Sluts”. Nevertheless, the sex was pretty hot – best part is looking at her beautiful shaved p*ssy and hearing her moan.


·         “Cum on my Fat Face Again” (Scene 3)

o   This feature was released, on DVD, on 12/2011, so sort of a Holiday Season gift for all of you mofos fans that support this lovely girl. Some stuff I really liked: f*cking next to piano is pretty hot, p*ssy masturbation while getting slammed is hotter and, finally, a mouth/face creampie. Well done, girl!


·         “Down to Fuck” (Scene 3)

o   This was, definitely, my favorite of all. Loved the outfit, I probably got a fetish for seeing girls in that type of cloth. Great deep-throat, an awesome f*cking scene  - great view when she is riding the c*ck and those huge tits just bounce and bounce. Guy finishes with a titty creampie, again.


·         “Tity Creampies 2” and “Massage My Big Tits: Alex Chance” – I browsed through the scenes but I’d leave a review, for, these some other time.


So, overall, I was left with a very good impression of Alex Chance’s work. She has, definitely, the right talent to stay, in this industry, for as long as she wants. A couple of thoughts or advice:


1.       More variety of creampies would, definitely, spicy it up a lot.

2.       I am sure Alex Chance’s fans would love to see her in girl/girl action or in a threesome – not sure if that was done, or how often, but would, definitely, skyrocket her ratings in the Industry.

3.       More outside scenes – that would go perfectly with this gorgeous woman.


Things to keep, as that will give Alex Chance a place in this Industry for a long time:

1.       Keep your sweetness and attitude towards your fans and keep tweeting like you do – your humble and kind attitude will keep on attracting fans to support your work.

2.       Keep those sexy curves, they are one of your trademarks and you look awesome.

3.       Keep that smile – it’s enlightening, beautiful and majestic.


Alright everyone, as always, thanks for reading and come back soon for a porn star review on Sabrina Linn – back to MILFs!

KHRISTY CREAMS - A Hot German Diva...

Wow, it has been a while since I wrote my last porn star review. Apologies to everyone, but I have been extremely busy with work. Anyways, today my porn review takes a flight over to Hamburg, in Germany. I thought it would be bombastic to do some research Khristy Creams. Was I right? You can bet your money on it, that I was. Khristy is one hot nympho, who loves sex with men and women, though I got the feeling that she enjoys the p*ssy more, but nothing wrong with that, on the “contraire”, I find that hot as f*ck.

**This picture belongs to Khristy Creams.


Truth to be said, I was not able to find a lot of her porn online (maybe I did not look in the right places), but I enjoyed reading her blog very much “The Khristy Creams Chronicles”. She is, definitely, creative and if she f*cks as good as she writes, she is, surely, the "f*ck of the century". A few things that came from reading her blog:


  1. Her blog has pretty hot pictures – she has a beautiful p*ssy and, from what I take, she likes huge black c*cks, but, apparently, won’t pass on a good sized white one.
  2. Her belly piercing is very sexy and extremely arousing – my c*ck got hard just looking at it.  
  3. Her breasts…oh…her breasts. Just simply divine. Well rounded, very provocative and voluptuous.
  4. Her writing, from creative, to sexy, to naughty – from plain narrative, to flow of thoughts, to poetry. I have never gotten a hard on reading anything…congratulations to Khristy Creams for making that happen for the first time.
  5. She is German…have you ever been with a German woman? Positively perverted, naughty by nature and a desire to f*ck not comparable to many out there. I am sure she rocks in bed. I can only imagine.


So, even though I was not able to find a lot of her work, online, she is a social media diva and if you want to know more about her, check out her blog, or tumblr, myspace, buzznet or, of course, twitter - @KhristyCreams. She tweets, regularly, and is a naughty angel doing it. I did hear that she, regularly, attends gangbangs with some of her porn star friends, but I am not sure of that. But, if that is the case, who knows, maybe you will be lucky enough, some day, to taste that sweet and wet p*ssy of hers.


And as I like to keep my reviews short, I hope that those that don’t know her yet, start following her and for anyone from an agency, studio or production company, you mofos ought to start giving this hot and sexy diva some major work.


As always, it was a pleasure writing for all of your naughty sexy people out there. Come back soon for a review on Alex Chance!

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